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Twibbon German Unity Day

Every year, on October 3, the people of Germany take a public holiday to celebrate the Day of German Unity. While the day is officially celebrated as a commemoration of Germany’s reunification in 1990.

Tt is also filled with fun spectacles such as fireworks displays and festivals. This is the lowdown on German Unity Day! Create your own twibbon by Download, Install, or Open photo editor apps.

German Unity Day celebrations

For Unity Day, celebrations take place in many different German cities over the national holiday. While each city has its own celebrations, there is also a larger celebration in one nominated host city for each year. In recent years, the main celebrations have been hosted in Potsdam, Kiel, Berlin, Mainz, Dresden and Frankfurt. Fittingly, the first ever Unity Day host city was the previously divided capital of Berlin. 

Aside from the host city, Berlin’s celebrations are the largest in the country. Unity Day festivities in the city are known to take place in areas with strong political and historical significance, such as the Platz der Republik, Stra├če des 17. Juni and the Brandenburg Gate. The capital’s celebrations include a festival featuring actors, comedians, musicians and poetry performers, food and drink stands and sweet stalls.

Unity Day is a low-key affair for most Germans

While fireworks and official celebrations are an important part of Unity Day, many Germans often choose to spend the day relaxing with family and friends, as part of a more low-key public holiday.

Unlike patriotic celebrations in other countries, such as the US Independence Day, most people in Germany do not display German flags or attend military parades for Unity Day, rather opting to partake in festivities at home. This includes watching TV, which often broadcasts documentaries about German history, watching politicians make Unity Day speeches, and enjoying lunch or dinner with family. 

Many people also see the day as an opportunity to get outside and enjoy the autumn before Germany’s cold winter weather comes in. Families picnic together in beauty spots and national parks, children play outside with friends, and everyone enjoys a slow morning without needing to set the alarm.