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How to Trade Crypto on Indodax with Initial Deposit

The next step after your account is verified, then you can make your first deposit at Indodax. You will not be able to trade, if your balance is still 0 in the application. So you need a deposit so you have a balance to trade.

Please go to the 'wallet' menu, click 'IDR', and follow the instructions listed on the application or menu. The IDR option is an option for us to make a deposit using the Indonesian currency, namely Rupiah.

Buying Crypto Assets

After you successfully deposit or your balance already exists, it's time for you to buy crypto assets. A fairly popular crypto asset is Biitcoin, where the value of this asset is very attractive in the eyes of crypto traders.

Our goal in buying crypto assets is as a medium of exchange or a means of buying digital assets which is the value of investment in a market.

The trick, please go to the 'Market' menu, there will be listed several digital asset values ​​that you can choose. For example 'Bitcoin', you can click, if you want to buy Bitcoin as the value of your crypto asset.

In buying asset value, there are two options, namely instant and limit. This instant method is a method that is often used by traders. Because this method will convert the value of Rupiah to the value of crypto assets automatically. While the limit method, is a method that allows you to buy the asset value at a lower price as your trading option.

Selling Crypto Assets

If the previous stage was buying crypto assets, now is the time for you to sell crypto assets. However, before you sell these assets, it's a good idea to wait for the value of the assets you have to have a high selling value. At least it's worth more than it was when you bought it before. This can give you an advantage.

The simulation is, if you buy the value of a crypto asset at a price of 5, you should wait for the value of the asset to reach a price of 5 and above, so that you get a profit or not lose.

Don't be in a hurry to sell the asset value. If the current asset value goes up, it doesn't mean you can sell it quickly. Because it is possible, in the future the value of these assets can go up even more and give you even greater profits.

So, you should set a target first before selling it. For example, you are targeting a profit of 2, then you should wait for the asset value to reach number 7. If the number is still at position 6, you should wait until number 7. However, this needs vigilance, when you wait at number 7, there could be a slump that harms you.

So, it is necessary to analyze the graph predictions in determining the buying and selling of crypto asset values. This is the best way to trade crypto on indodax that you can use to achieve profits.

What is the minimum deposit for Indodax?

Not a few people ask about the minimum deposit at Indodax. The minimum deposit at Indodax is USD 50$, or Rp. 500,000,-.

Maybe many think, why is the minimum deposit in this application so large? We need to know that PT Indodax is a trading company that has been around for a long time. So there are many professional traders here. No wonder, if the nominal is large. However, for professional traders, this value is still small.

Basically, professional traders often trade with large values ​​even up to hundreds of millions of rupiah.

However, for those of you who are new to the world of trading investment, you should not use a large nominal first. Because trading requires high flying hours. As a way of trading crypto on Indodax, you need careful preparation, such as capital, trading knowledge, and so on. You can ask the experts so that you don't fall into a big loss.