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5 Best Investment Apps For Beginners on Android

Young generation, don't miss out on investing! In the era of sophisticated technology like today, it is easier for investors to invest.

There are even investment apps that are very beginner friendly. You only need to prepare a smartphone and can start investing easily.

So as not to be confused, take a look at 8 safe, easy stock investment applications, which can be downloaded via Google Playstore or AppStore and of course are registered with the OJK below:


Furthermore, there is the IPOT application that can be used to conduct stock, mutual fund and ETF investment transactions. IPOT is an application owned by PT Indo Premier Sekuritas which must have been registered by the OJK.

The IPOT application is equipped with a Trading Robot feature that can execute buying and selling instructions at the stock price you want.

2. Stockbit

The OJK Stockbit investment application, apart from providing a forum for stock buying and selling interactions, is also equipped with community features. Here, you can have discussions with other traders about stock investing.

3. RTI Business

RTI Business is a stock application that is recommended because it is widely known by investors. It contains information about the movement of the capital market.

In addition, RTI Business is also equipped with information on income statement, probability, cash flow, balance sheet, earnings and growth. You can analyze the company's performance over the last five years.