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How to Trade Crypto on Indodax for Beginners Minimum Deposit

PT. Indodax Nasional Indonesia, that's the company that has a trading application called Indodax. This application makes it easy for traders to trade using smartphones and the internet. The company which is a large broker in Indonesia is quite popular in the trading world.

Not a few traders are looking for ways to trade crypto on Indodax. Considering that this application is very easy to apply, there are also various features that make it easier for traders.

There are 6.5 million crypto investors recorded in the data of the Ministry of Trade in Indonesia. This is a great value for capital market investors. The difference is also quite significant, which according to data, reaches 4.5 million registered stock investors.

Proving that cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Monero, and other crypto are asset values ​​that are now popular in the stock investment world.

How to Trade Crypto on Indodax?

We will not discuss more about PT. Indodax Nasional Indonesia, also did not discuss more about the meaning of crypto. Because what often appears on Google, is how to trade crypto on Indodax? Here is the explanation.

Member List for How to Trade Crypto

The first step so that you can trade on Indodax, then you need to register first as an Indodax member. Here you can register through the official website of PT.

Indodax. You can also register through the Indodax application, which you can download via the Google PlayStore for free.

We need to know that Indodax members must be at least 18 years old, or already have an Identity Card. This will be related to the verification process when registering as an Indodax member.

Account Verification Process

When registering as an Indodax member, you need to verify yourself with the help of your ID card. As mentioned above, your ID card is your main component when registering as an Indodax member.

The account verification process starts after you fill in the data on the registration form in the Indodax application. Make sure the data you input is correct. Remembering that this is about your money.

A verification message will be sent to the email you entered in the registration form earlier. Usually this process will take 1x24 hours to check the data, whether you are registered or not with Indodax.

If it has been confirmed aka successful verification, then you will be directed to the official Indodax website and can start trading on Indodax. Usually two options will appear, open with Chrome or an application, if you are using a smartphone.

You can also visit the link to login. At this stage, it is a way of trading crypto on Indodax as a first step. We move on to the next stage.