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Best Prayer Time, Suhoor, Imsak, Iftar Time and Alarm Apps for Android

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, finding the time for spiritual activities can be challenging, especially during the holy month of Ramadan.

With varying schedules for Suhoor (pre-dawn meal), Imsak (the time to stop eating before Fajr), and Iftar (breaking fast at sunset), keeping track of prayer times becomes essential for Muslims worldwide.

Fortunately, technological advancements have made it easier to manage these times through prayer time and alarm apps. In this article, we'll explore some of the best options available for Android users.

Understanding Suhoor, Imsak, and Iftar

Before delving into the apps, let's briefly understand the significance of Suhoor, Imsak, and Iftar times during Ramadan. Suhoor is the pre-dawn meal consumed before the Fajr prayer.

Imsak refers to the time when one must stop eating before the Fajr prayer begins. Iftar is the evening meal with which Muslims end their daily fast at sunset.

Best Prayer Time, Suhoor, Imsak, and Iftar Apps

In today's fast-paced world, relying on technology to manage prayer times is not only convenient but also ensures accuracy and reliability. These apps provide precise timings based on geographical location, making it easier for users to plan their day accordingly.

1. Muslim Pro

One of the most popular prayer time apps available for Android users is Muslim Pro. This comprehensive app offers a wide range of features, including accurate prayer timings, Qibla direction finder, Quran recitations, and daily verses.

Get Muslim Pro from Play Store: Muslim Pro

2. Sajda

Sajda is another excellent option for Android users seeking a reliable prayer time app. Along with accurate prayer timings, Sajda offers a clean and intuitive interface, customizable prayer alerts, and access to a vast library of Islamic content.

Get Sajda from Play Store: Sajda

3. Prayer Times

Prayer Times is a simple yet effective app that provides accurate prayer timings based on the user's location. With customizable alarm settings and a minimalistic design, Prayer Times is favored by those who prefer a no-frills approach to prayer time management.

Get Prayer Times from Play Store: Prayer Times

4. Umma

Umma stands out for its innovative features, including live streaming of mosque prayers, community forums, and personalized prayer reminders. This app offers a unique blend of social networking and religious functionalities, making it a favorite among modern Muslims.

Get Umma from Play Store: Umma

Comparison of Features

When comparing these apps, factors such as accuracy, user interface, customization options, and additional features must be considered. While Muslim Pro and Sajda offer a plethora of features, Prayer Times and Umma cater to users looking for simplicity and community engagement, respectively.

The user experience plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of prayer time apps. Muslim Pro and Sajda boast user-friendly interfaces with intuitive navigation, while Prayer Times and Umma prioritize simplicity and community engagement, respectively.

Both Muslim Pro and Sajda allow users to customize prayer alerts and notifications according to their preferences. On the other hand, Prayer Times and Umma offer limited customization options but excel in other areas such as accuracy and community engagement.

The accuracy and reliability of prayer timings are paramount for devout Muslims. Muslim Pro and Sajda utilize advanced algorithms to ensure precise timings, while Prayer Times and Umma rely on reputable sources for their data.

Umma takes the lead in community engagement with its live streaming of mosque prayers and active forums where users can interact and seek religious guidance. While other apps offer some social features, Umma stands out for its emphasis on building a virtual Islamic community.

Apart from prayer timings, each app offers unique features such as Quran recitations, Islamic calendars, and access to religious content. Users can choose the app that best aligns with their preferences and requirements.

All four apps are compatible with Android devices and are readily available for download on the Google Play Store. Additionally, they offer multi-language support, ensuring accessibility for users worldwide.


In conclusion, the best prayer time, Suhoor, Imsak, and Iftar time and alarm apps for Android offer a range of features catering to the diverse needs of Muslim users. Whether you prioritize accuracy, simplicity, or community engagement, there's an app available to enhance your Ramadan experience.