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How to Buy BCA Shares for Beginners

How to buy BCA shares for beginners - when it comes to investing in stocks, you must be familiar with this activity, because in this millennial era, many people are investing, both parents and even young people.

There are lots of places for us to invest and one of them is buying BCA shares, in this article we will discuss thoroughly about what must be prepared before starting to invest in this stock.

Check out the review on how to buy BCA shares below before starting to buy shares, so that later you don't make a mistake and avoid losses, here's the review:

How to Buy BCA Shares

Choosing a Broker

Well, for those of you who are just starting out, you must still be confused by the word BROKER, what is a broker?

Brokers are liaisons for buying and selling activities between producers and consumers. It's easier for us to think of it as a supermarket.

There are lots of brokers that you can use, such as seeds and others. For more details, you can look for references about trusted brokers on YouTube or Google.

Create Account

Before you make an investment, you are required to create an account first, because investment activities cannot be done arbitrarily without clear data.

What are the requirements for creating an investment account?

All you have to prepare to register an account is an E-KTP / KTP, KK, Bank Account. To register, you only need to follow the instructions for filling out the investment application or website that you use for account registration.

Replenishment of investment balance

You must first fill in the account balance which will later be used to buy BCA shares, to top up you can follow the directions from the broker you are using.

Buy BCA shares

Now, after you have completed the requirements above, now is the time to buy BCA shares. To buy shares, you must pay attention to TRADE or the stock price statistics because placing the right position will be the initial reference for profits in the investments you make.

Tips for Determining Open Positions When Buying BCA Shares

Pay Attention to Statistics

We must be very careful in this matter because statistics are very influential in the investment you make. Where if the statistics go down, the value of your BCA shares will also comply. We recommend opening a position when the statistics are down because later if the statistics go up more than your open position, that's where you will profit.

Releasing investment position

The last step when investing is to release a position or sell the shares we have, we recommend if you want to release a statistically high position that exceeds your open position limit when TRADE has increased 50% to 100%.