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Trading, Promising Customs for Financial Foundation

Financial literacy is something that Indonesian people need to learn. So too for me. Because finances are the key to a prosperous life.

I was surprised when I was in a special area for Kеdr district. Village people who in fact live by relying on the ground. It turns out that their debt is hundreds of millions. There are even ones that are almost a billion.

Instead of playing with so much debt. Why don't they just play trading. After all, on the internet there is a guide for learning for free. Whether it's on the website or on social media. Can't everything be learned today because there is internet? Don't just learn how to get into debt, please.

Trading can become a promising habit for cash. Absolute, for those who want to learn and not in a hurry "want to get big results". Because everything needs rоѕеѕ to understand it.

To ward off the risk when trading, we can start from a low number. Not afraid of falling prices. Don't be in a rush to be happy when prices go up. Because everything has its time.

Buy at a low price

In this increasingly sophisticated era, usually trading has made it easier to use. There is even a feature that automatically sells/buys. So that its use does not have to set the screen continuously.

If the key is trading, we only need to learn technical and fundamental analysis. These two things are enough to make us trade.

Buy at a low price, then sell at a high price. It's quite simple to do. Everyone can do it if they study independently. Whether it's studying with a mentor, through books, or via the internet.

"Where there is a will, there is always a way."

Rich people play with their money

Countless many people are successful with trading. Well, they are already famous. Nor those who don't show themselves.

Warren Buffett is the best person to trade. We аѕtі know him. Moreover, his name is often mentioned by the media as a very rich person. He traded and made a lot of profit.

Apart from Warrеn Buffett? A lot. And there are countless people who trade and share their knowledge. Everything can be learned via the internet.

Warren Buffett is one of those who play money. Don't just idle the money in your wallet or bank. But he wants results that are more than the money he has. Not working continuously throughout life.

That's how people play money. Especially they do it by trading, or other things. They do not want the money they have continues to decrease. They don't want to work lifelong work and that work is carried on by their children.

After all, for today's era, the assets used for trading are increasingly diverse as well. Not only shares and gold, at this time there are also many krtо as trading options. Be it Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other coins.