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The Secret to Becoming a Mаѕter Trader

Forex trading, trading forex and concrete markets are one of the few ways that give only a million people the opportunity to be alone. In fact, there have been many examples of traders who have achieved financial independence, one of the natural traders who has been successful is Master Trader Adi Ardn ("Bold Author"). As far as I know, he deserves to be said to be a forex trading master, his knowledge and mental skills are very good for grasping this type of forex.

"Blessed are those who believe before seeing" that is what used to be healthy 5 years ago which until now is still the grip.

even though it is double-edged, but it can turn into a person sometimes in a short period of time, forex trading, even a number of forex trading has become a regular basis. And ауа sure that none of us want all of that to come to us. Therefore, before we enter the battlefield in the fierce arena, let's arm ourselves to be able to survive and even become victorious.

This is what every trader who wants to be a master must have:

1. Master the Battle Arena.

Basic knowledge about forex or forex betting or betting. You must know very well what business you are in. Ask yourself if this business makes sense? You have to know who the game is, know the risks and know the rules of the game. By mastering the field of discovery if you don't know where to go, and know what to do, unexpectedly by sudden circumstances.

2. Self-deployment with reliable technical and fundamental analysis skills

The analysis will guide us to take the steps that must be taken, even though it turns out that the steps we take are the wrong ones, if we have already made a decision. This is better than at home but eroded by the market. If you are trading with short intervals, please improve your technical ability. On the other hand, if you are trading in the medium or long term, then there is a fundamental analysis.

The more you know the direction, the faster you will understand the goal and be victorious.

3. Manage attacks with mоnеу management

A wise person said that "don't put your eggs in one basket". A trader should know when he is attacking with a large amount of capital, why only do small attacks, or even know when to take a step back for a while. There are no clashes that last just minutes or hours. Everything will last a lifetime, this is a business that must be lived and will bring your life to life. Even after you leave it you will still feel the pain. So keep your capital and wisely manage your capital.

4. Educate yourself with psychology trading god

It's not difficult to analyze, difficult is to be difficult. Actually, almost everyone knows where the price will move, but suddenly everyone is trading. And sometimes we are too happy with a success and sometimes we are too overly happy with a defeat, this is what you will usually win sometime in the future.

In the end all the classic advice such as persistence, patience, calmness, passion and others are needed to be a good person.

5. Launch tactics with the trading system

Every step will be taken properly during the implementation, evaluation and continuous improvement, then make it a regular SOP (a standard operating procedure) Trade according to your trading system, do it consistently, and don't regularly subscribe to it. “Planе оur tradе , Tradе оur lаnе!!”

Several people have the 5 things above, and good luck because if you have mastered this it means you have the key to freedom.