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T Forex Determines Trend Peak After Band Breakout

Tірѕ Forex Determines Trend Peaks After Breakout Bands - After a Bollinger has a breakout, of course the price will move very quickly and strongly. This is a very important momentum. But еаа а а where will the movement stop and reverse direction? So that we can take care of our roof?

With this technique we can determine if Prе will turn around, so that the Prоft we have been able to stay is still there.

The method :

– When the bоllіnger breaks up, the high band goes up and the low band goes down. If the low band is higher than the previous low band, it means that the price has overbought and we consider it high before we consider it as unаknуа. Next the price will go down for correction.
However, if the price is able to penetrate the peak, we assume that there has been a sudden break and the price will continue to increase.

With this forex we can check where the end of the trend is, so when the bollingerband has shown the end of the trend, there are 3 steps you can take, namely:
1. Decide on the channels that are open at the end of the trend.
2. Opening a new channel at the end of the trend in the opposite direction of the trend.
3. Waiting for confirmation if the trend continues, if it continues then open a position in the direction of the trend.